Monday, January 16, 2017

1977 report found the FBI had engaged in gross misconduct while surveilling Martin Luther King, Jr.

Independent review of the Bureau’s assassination investigation uncovered extent of illegal counterintelligence program

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech - “Beyond Vietnam” - Riverside Church NYC April 4,1967

FBI's Complete File on MLK

Martin Luther King’s entire FBI file (16,000+ pages),
as posted by the original Memory Hole

MLK Killed by Government, Jury Finds: @LeeAnnMcAdoo Special Report

Lee Ann McAdoo's first news bulletin for Infowars Nightly News Apr 4, 2013. On the 45th anniversary of the MLK government sponsored assassination she points out that jury in 99' indeed found that there was government involvement in the assassination. This news was quickly covered up and downplayed by the dinosaur corporate media.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

No Agenda: Sunday (1-15-17) Episode 895 - Yes Wee Can

CIA Director John Brennan takes aim at Donald Trump for his criticism of the intelligence community

Adding another chapter to the intense conflict between Donald Trump and the intelligence community, CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday sharply criticized the incoming president for equating spy agencies to Nazi Germany and suggested that he needed to focus more seriously on the security issues facing the nation.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dow Chemical Wants Farmers to Keep Using a Pesticide Linked to Autism and ADHD

In 2014, the first and most comprehensive look at the environmental causes of autism and developmental delay, known as the CHARGE study, found that the nearby application of agricultural pesticides greatly increases the risk of autism. Women who lived less than a mile from fields where chlorpyrifos was sprayed during their second trimesters of pregnancy, as Magda did, had their chances of giving birth to an autistic child more than triple. And it was just one of dozens of recent studies that have linked even small amounts of fetal chlorpyrifos exposure to neurodevelopmental problems, including ADHD, intelligence deficits, and learning difficulties.

On November 10, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a groundbreaking report laying out the serious dangers of chlorpyrifos. The “Chlorpyrifos Revised Human Health Risk Assessment,” as it was called, laid out the evidence that the pesticide can cause intelligence deficits and attention, memory, and motor problems in children. According to the report, 1- and 2-year-old children risk exposures from food alone that are 14,000 percent above the level the agency now thinks is safe.

Dow, the giant chemical company that patented chlorpyrifos and still makes most of the products containing it, has consistently disputed the mounting scientific evidence that its blockbuster chemical harms children. But the government report made it clear that the EPA now accepts the independent science showing that the pesticide used to grow so much of our food is unsafe. The “pre-publication copy” of the report stated that “residues of chlorpyrifos on most individual food crops exceed the ‘reasonable certainty of no harm’ safety standard under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act,” which means, in simple terms, that any given sample of food may contain harmful levels of chlorpyrifos. In addition, estimated drinking water and non-drinking water exposures to the chemical also exceed safety standards. The next step was to finalize a chlorpyrifos ban.

The presidential communications equipment under Barack Obama

Over the past five years, a range of articles on this weblog covered the secure and non-secure phones used by president Barack Obama, whether in the White House, at his Summer residence or aboard Air Force One.

With Donald Trump taking over the US presidency in a few days, it's a good moment to look back and provide a comprehensive overview of the communications equipment during Obama's time in office.

Additional context for this was provided by a background story from the New York Times from April last year, as well as by several other sources, which show an almost continuous need for replacing outdated systems.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Obama Opens NSA’s Vast Trove of Warrantless Data to Entire Intelligence Community, Just in Time for Trump

WITH ONLY DAYS until Donald Trump takes office, the Obama administration on Thursday announced new rules that will let the NSA share vast amounts of private data gathered without warrant, court orders or congressional authorization with 16 other agencies, including the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security.

The new rules allow employees doing intelligence work for those agencies to sift through raw data collected under a broad, Reagan-era executive order that gives the NSA virtually unlimited authority to intercept communications abroad. Previously, NSA analysts would filter out information they deemed irrelevant and mask the names of innocent Americans before passing it along.

The change was in the works long before there was any expectation that someone like Trump might become president. The last-minute adoption of the procedures is one of many examples of the Obama administration making new executive powers established by the Bush administration permanent, on the assumption that the executive branch could be trusted to police itself.

Down to the Wire: Obama’s DOJ Issues Scathing Report on Systemic Abuse Within Chicago Police

THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT released a blistering report on Friday concluding what many in Chicago have been saying for years: that the city’s police officers routinely use excessive and deadly force, particularly against black and Latino residents; that they systematically violate civil rights; and that the department consistently fails to hold officers accountable for abuse and misconduct.

With one week to go before the beginning of the Trump administration — which is widely expected to take a considerably less aggressive approach toward police abuse — federal officials this week tied up the loose ends on some of the department’s most high profile investigations of police departments.

THE DEATH OF A JOURNALIST WHO KNEW TOO MUCH.. Was Dorothy Kilgallen Murdered? What Was She About to Learn?

Dorothy Kilgallen was one of the most powerful voices in America. She had a role on the popular TV show, “What’s My Line,” and she was a journalist who wrote an insightful gossip column. She especially loved covering high profile murder trials. In fact, she singlehandedly caused Sam Shepard’s murder conviction to be overturned by the US Supreme Court.

More important, she was excellent at investigating. She asked incisive — even dangerous — questions. This may have led to her death on November 8, 1965.

Kilgallen jumped at the chance to cover the trial of Jack Ruby, the man who shot and killed alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in a Dallas police station. As the New York Post put it, covering that trial would put her on a path that ended with her body being found “sitting up in bed, naked under a blue bathrobe, with the makeup, false eyelashes and floral hair accessory” she had worn for her TV appearance the night before.

At the time of her death, she was following a lead that some believe might have blown apart the official story of the Kennedy assassination. Her death was considered “suspicious.”

Donald Trump's new cyber advisor Rudy Giuliani has a highly insecure website

A website used to promote the services of Giuliani Security & Safety (GSS), a consultancy firm owned by US President-elect Donald Trump's newly appointed cybersecurity advisor, is being mocked online for – ironically – being openly vulnerable to hackers.

Rudy Giuliani was appointed this week (12 January) and will reportedly now be tasked with chairing meetings between the private sector and government to discuss the main hacking threats they face. A former New York Mayor, Giuliani has spent over a dozen years in the security industry.

Yet all the credentials in the world were deemed moot by a plethora of experts who quickly analysed his corporate website,, and found numerous critical flaws. On Twitter, prominent hacker Dan Tentler pointed to Joomla, the content management system (CMS) used by the website.

Chicago police regularly engage in excessive force, says Loretta Lynch

The Chicago police department regularly uses force that is “unjustified, disproportionate and otherwise excessive”, federal investigators have concluded.

In a scathing report released after a 13-month process, Department of Justice (DoJ) investigators found that police violated both the fourth amendment of the constitution and department policy in the use of deadly force. Poor training and accountability systems contributed to the department’s unconstitutional policing practices, the report said.

“Our review of CPD’s deadly force practices identified several trends in CPD’s deadly force incidents,” investigators wrote, “including that CPD engages in dangerous and unnecessary foot pursuits and other unsound tactics that result in CPD shooting people, including those who are unarmed.”

The US attorney general, Loretta Lynch, presented the report on Friday morning with federal and city officials, before announcing that the CPD and Chicago officials had agreed to begin negotiations to reach a court-enforceable reform agreement.