Thursday, April 30, 2015

Secret Stalin files on Hitler death to go on display to dispel conspiracy theories

*Secret files detail the bizarre journey of Hitler's body following his death
*Claim to have identified burnt remains in May 1945 through dental records
*Reveal how bodies were buried in three different places by nervous Stalin
*But conspiracy theories still abound over Hitler's 'escape' to Argentina

Seventy years after he ended his life in the flaming ruins of Berlin, the secret file detailing what happened to Adolf Hitler and his bride is poised to go on display in Moscow.

It will finally hammer the coffin lid down on bizarre conspiracy theories - among them that the world's greatest murderer escaped from his squalid bunker at the 11th hour to live in Argentina, raise children and die of natural causes.

The files, held by Russia's FSB federal security service, are said to detail exactly what happened to his body in the confusing months following his death in 1945, until it was disposed of for good by a nervous Soviet state in the 1970s.

It is thought the Russian's will finally unveil the documents in May, to coincide with celebrations planned in Moscow marking the end of the war seven decades ago.
'This is the true history of what happened to Hitler,' says an FSB spokesman. 'He died in Berlin and we have the papers to prove it.'

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  1. I wonder if Hitler's dental records were recreated from memory like Martin Bormann's were in 1945. Coincidentally, Bormann, Hitler and Eva Braun all shared the same personal dentist, Dr. Hugo Blaschke.